Kids Kilometers

I just finished directing my 21st kids kilometers run. In
all the years it has rained but no thunder and lightning like this
morning! At least the little ones finished before all that happened.
The location at Fossil Park seemed to be a big hit. The crew out there
were fantastic to work with!!! A huge thank you to all of my friends
that helped me today. Some baked cookies, some got fruit, some worked
and some just brought their kids to run. We had a nice representation
of Toledo Roadrunners officers that attended. The TRRC President stopped to
check things out. The Vice President and Treasurer had their children

A race girls --7 & under
Emery Porter -4:50
Jenna Ramsey-5:05
Macey Malek-5:16
Lucy Porter-5:17
Amelia O"Connor-6:16
Kylee Baranski-6:17
Haley Wells-6:26
Kate Hildebrand-6:39
Erin Reed-6:40
Brenna Johnson-6:40
Lia Flores-6;52
Olivia Howe-6:53
Colleen Hildebrand-7:08
Mary Claire Crisp-7:19
Madelyn Renee Martin-7:21
Audrey Vendemo-7:23
Morgan Smith-7:56
Anna Reed-8:30
Emma Smith-15:53 >>2 yrs old!!!

A Boys--7 & under
Aiden Hoffman-4:27
Cole Crouch-4:38
Owen Hildebrand-4:53
Zachary Willford-5:08
Nathaniel Nicely-5:15
Zachary Groneau-5:22
Caleb Root-5:23
Charlie Howe-5:38
Zane Flores-6:04
Nathan Malek-6:25
Riley Kalisz-7:34
Derek Mahoney-8:34>>3 yrs old!!

B girls--8-10
Reagan Root-9:32
Hannah McCormick-9:56
Ava Ersig-10:03
Abby O'Connor-10:38
Sydney Willford-10:51
Paige Rodgers-13:07
Anatasja Crisp-14:52

B boys-8-10
Hadden Rodgers-8:35
Elliot Ramsey-8:43
Benjamin Malek-9:08
Jack O"Connor-9:20
Kasper Vermeulen-10:11
Stanley Root-10:16
Alex Clark-12:52

C race girls 11-13

Zoe Flores-13:39
Maggie Cochrane-14:36
Katherine Naveken-14:42
Haley Dippman-16:07

C race boys 11-13

Brad McCormick-14:25
Nick Clark-17:02
Kevin Crisp-18:03
Joey Crisp-18:59